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The BRCA Initiative
Bringing Radical
Cancer Awareness
to the Jewish Community

Initiative Partners:

Steering Committee

Carol Abrams

Nikki Cohen

Leslie Dorfman

Janie Fruchtman

David Foster

Melanie Gruenwald

Leslie Heins

Susan Hollander

Joanne Kleinstein

Rick Kornfeld

Molly Lanphier

Roberta Levin

Casey Madison

Wendy Miller

Michael Millstein

Lisa Mintz

Leslie Sidell

Lori Weiner

Molly Zwerdlinger

Medical Advisory Team

Christine Walsh M.D.

Donald Aptekar M.D.

Mary Freivogel, MS, CGC

Sharisse Jimenez, MA MS, CGC

Emily Goldberg, MS, CGC

Staff Team

Amy Morris,

Leslie Dorfman,

Patrice Hauptman,

Susan Kramer

Cancer Prevention is possible

  • 1 in 400 for the general population have a mutation in their BRCA gene that controls the growth of cancerous tumors. 

  • 1 in 40 people of Ashkenazi Jewish heritage has a BRCA gene mutation. That is a 10X increase in cancer risk from the general population.

  • Women with a BRCA gene mutation have an up to 72% chance of getting breast cancer and a 44% chance of getting ovarian cancer.

  • Men with a BRCA mutation have a higher risk for prostate cancer.

  • Both men and women have a higher risk for pancreatic cancer.

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