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Join our Coalition and the University of Colorado to
Save Jewish Lives

BRCA Gene  Testing

Getting tested is easy!


Many Jews do not know they are at higher risk for having a BRCA mutation.  The general population has a BRCA mutation at 1 in 400 people.   Those of Ashkenazi heritage have a 1 in 40 chance of having the mutation. Those of other Jewish descents have an elevated risk as  well.  At the BRCA: Bringing Radical Cancer Awareness initiative we are dedicated to preventing hereditary cancer in Colorado's Jewish community with new access to no or low cost testing.


Our mission is to educate the Jewish population about the higher risks we face while working to provide clinically relevant testing. Testing is available to all Colorado adults (over 25) with at least one Jewish grandparent so that everyone has access to BRCA testing and a full cancer hereditary cancer genetic testing panel.  Preventing cancer and saving lives is our goal!


Our coalition efforts will cover your out-of-pocket costs through direct reimbursement.

We are partnering with the CU - GENES study to develop best practices that can be used in Jewish communities across the country.

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